Information on Ministries and Departments of Russian Federation that have                                used or tested transdisciplinary technologies during the period of 1995 to 2005:








    Department of Security and Emergent Situations


    Scenario for the prevention of emergent situations caused by force of major circumstances


    1. Ministry of Atomic Power Engineering


    Russian Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technology



    General system estimation of the negative impact on the environment by the objects of atomic industry



    Russian planning-investigative and Scientific Institute of Industrial Technology



    General system analysis method application for investigation of liquid radioactive waste products burial places

    2. Ministry of Civil Defenses, Emergency Situations and preventing and liquidation of results of national disasters of the Russian Federation


    Department of Prevention and Liquidation of Emergency Situations


    The method of Informological analysis for the purpose of prognostication of emergency situations on water areas, washing Russian frontiers




    3. Ministry of Defense



    State Scientific Research Institute of Military Medicine (Moscow) and Scientific Research Institute of Industrial and Marine Medicine (St Petersburg)

    Informological technologies for the retrospective analysis of statistics of accidents, traumas, injuries, illnesses and diseases, postoperative problems, and other extreme situations with any object of techno-genetic and natural origin; with individual persons and groups of people.  The purpose - to determine the efficiency of these approaches for forecasting periods and outcomes of probable unfavorable situations.

    4. Ministry of Public Health

    Federal Board of Medical, Biological and Extreme Problems

    Methodology of medical treatment and correction of the state of health both of a person and collective groups.


    Russian Centre of Catastrophes Medicine “Defence”

    Conducting literature review on the topic of scientific work: “Grounding of possible measures for population protection from hidden influence on socio-psychological and psycho-biological status of individuals and groups (torsional generators)”


    Russian Federation State Scientific Center - Institute of Biophysics

    Elaboration of the concept of medical-and-hygienic monitoring and estimation of people's health state in the region of Rostov AES


    5. Ministry of Labor and Social Security



    State Contract “Developing the computer systems of individual calendar periods identification for professions connected with high risk at the industrial enterprises”


    6. Ministry of Fuel and Power Engineering



    Center of Radiation Safety


    System monitoring of ecologically dangerous objects


    7. GAZPROM


    Medvezhinskov Gas Producing Unit


    Developing the innovation managerial strategy for the period of gas production drop


    8. Russian Federation Security Council


    People Medical Security Department


    Methods of creation of medicines of new generation


    9. State Duma of Russian Federation (the Parliament)


    Ecological Committee


    Participation in preparation of the federal Law “On energy- informational welfare of people”



    10. General Management of the President of Russian Federation


    Medical Center. Department of medicine


    Methods of making medical aid more efficient

    11. Training Center for Russian National Teams

    Medical Center

    Elaboration of methods on determination of individual psychophysical and medical-and-biological peculiarities of national teams sportsmen


    12. Russian Academy of Architecture

    Moscow State Building and Construction University


    Elaboration of the concept of monitoring and estimation of technical conditions of the first serial dwelling houses on the basis of Informological approach.